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Microsing WinKaraoke Recorder 1.0
The amazing new software that brings karaoke and voice recording + lyrics to your home computer. Download it right now to your computer and start singing and recording your performance. You will be amazed how your voice sounds with the great voice effects like the cool hall reverb effect and equalizer. Our new karaoke software brings you lots of great features and fun to your karaoke singing experience.

Download our trial version and start singing right now. It's FREE! : Microsing WinKaraoke Recorder 1.0

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Microsing WinKaraoke
1.0 full version
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WinKaraoke 2.0 (Lite)
Our Lite software brings you all the great P.C. karaoke features like the Microsing WinKaraoke
but without recording your voice. The WinKaraoke version plays karaoke song and displays the lyrics

Download the WinKaraoke Trial right now : WinKaraoke 2.0 (Lite)

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WinKaraoke 2.0
For only $12.00

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